At Everbearing Services’ Copywriters specialize in writing relevant content for horticulture clients including blog posts, newsletters, website copy, and social media content. Everbearing’s business is built on aiding the horticulture industry and helping our clients embrace online technology for their benefit. Our clients include landscapers, arborists, garden designers, nurseries, online Plant Shops, and more. Compensation is based on experience and skill. Part-time and full-time available. The job of the horticulture copywriter is to help our client’s businesses excel online by creating valuable copy for them to use in all online areas of their business. An aptitude to understand the unique challenges that green industry businesses must overcome to connect their craft with customers is essential to succeed in this role.

Desired Qualficiations and Skills

  • Writing skill and talent
  • Research abilities to fully understand our clients, their competition, and industries to establish the best tone, language, and voice when writing.
  • Self-starter and creative thinker
  • Knowledge of marketing skills
  • Understanding of the workings of a website
  • Background in practical horticulture
  • Communications skills

Recurring Tasks Include

  • Authoring newsletters with your company’s voice at the forefront
  • Writing website pages with Horticulture expertise and authority
  • Simplifying your landscape and plant services content so consumers appreciate your craft
  • Providing clear service descriptions to give your customers confidence
  • Facilitating communication between staff members and clients from a remote work environment
  • Using principles of search engine optimization like keyword research to improve customers’ online presence to compete within their industry
  • Social Media Marketing- Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest
  • Managing multiple clients and projects, each with their own unique voice
  • Ongoing marketing support as priorities grow and change

We are looking for a candidate with integrity, attention to detail, and a commitment to join the team! The most important thing to us is horticulture knowledge, for the right candidate, we will provide training. Compensation is negotiable and dependent on qualifications and skills. Part-time and full-time available.

Send your resume or CV to Ron McCabe at

Ron McCabe