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Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the Washington Association of Landscape Professionals (WALP). WALP provides education, networking, and advocacy to the landscape industry, and whether your firm is a one-person operation or a multi-million dollar company, if you want to associate with the best, you can’t afford to not be a member. WALP advocates on your behalf, and through active regional chapters offers you networking, professional referrals, and relationships that will enhance your career and your business and put you in the forefront of the Landscaping Industry.

When you join WALP, you automatically become a member of the regional chapter in your area. That’s two memberships for the price of one! Local Chapters offer you the opportunity to interact with local landscape professionals and provide countless additional networking opportunities and educational forums.

Additionally, as a member you automatically receive discounts for education, conferences and trainings, meeting participation, and resources from our partner organizations. WALP members get the very best information, advocacy, education, and networking opportunities in the industry. Learn more by visiting our Member Benefits page! For additional information or questions you can also contact the WALP Office.

If your current membership is up for renewal, you tell us how you would like to complete your renewal here. If you are joining for the first time, fill out this simple form and you will hear from your local chapter leader soon!

WALP Members: Is Your Company’s Membership Up For Renewal?

We listened and have changed the process for renewals to make it faster and easier for your business. All memberships now renew August 1st of each year.

Renewing your WALP Membership will ensure:

  • You are listed in our annual printed and online directories for consumers and member inquirers.
  • You’ll be the first to know and have the opportunity to be promoted at major events that WALP participates in including home, garden, and flower shows throughout Washington State.
  • You receive all future print issues and access to our online version of the popular and informative “Northwest Landscape Professional”.
  • You will receive priority discounted opportunities for advertising your business through event sponsorships, marketing in our quarterly print publications, and marketing through our digital channels.
  • You continue to have an active membership with your Local Chapter, which provides you with discounted rates, a competitive advantage through enhanced exposure, education, and networking opportunities.

For additional member benefits, visit our Member Benefits page!

Membership Payment Structure

Category Description Annual Payment Option: Dues Per Year Quarterly Payment Option: Dues Per Quarter Monthly Payment Option: Dues Per Month
C-1 Annual gross revenue up to $250,000 $350.00/year $87.50/quarter $29.17/month
C-2 Annual gross revenue $250,001 to $500,000 $550.00/year $137.50/quarter $45.83/month
C-3 Annual gross revenue Over $500,001 $875.00/year $218.75/quarter $72.92/month
S-1 Supplier $370.00/year $92.50/quarter $30.83/month
S-2 Supplier with Branches $550.00/year $137.50/quarter $45.83/month
A-1 Municipalities, Parks, Govt. Agencies, Landscape Architects, Designers, Consultants, Educators $300.00/year $75.00/quarter $25.00/month
A-2 Professional Individual Non-Affiliated (State Board Approval Only), Non-Owner Landscape or Related Industry Certified Professionals $125.00/year $31.25/quarter $10.42/month
A-3 Student (with proof of current enrollment) $50.00/year $12.50/quarter $4.17/month

Membership Categories

WALP is not just for landscape contractors, the association serves the whole Landscaping Industry. Our members include:

Regular Member – Contractors Providing Installation, Maintenance And/Or Sub-Contracting
Any licensed landscape contracting business or for-profit organization that installs or maintains portions or all of the interior and/or exterior landscapes within the State of Washington.

Associate Member – Supplier Companies
Any affiliated trade manufacturer, distributor, and/or supplier actively involved in the supply of goods and services to members of WALP who are not otherwise qualified as regular members and whose role in WALP is principally to promote goods and services to members.

Affiliate Member

  • Municipalities, Parks, Government Agencies: Any governmental unit with a significant interest in the landscape industry who does not otherwise qualify for regular membership.
  • Design Professional Companies: Landscape architects and qualified landscape and irrigation consultants and designers, and horticultural consultants who do not otherwise qualify for regular membership.
  • Educators: Any professional engaged in educating, consulting, or advising regular members of WALP who do not otherwise qualify for regular memberships.
  • Individual: Any non-owner, non-officer individual whose employer organization is not a member of WALP but who would qualify as a regular member if the employer organization joined.

Honorary Member 
Any person designated by reason of their contributions to the Association and to its purposes and objectives may be appointed an honorary member by the unanimous action of the Board of Directors.

Out-of-State Member
Any business or organization not conducting business in Washington that would otherwise qualify for regular membership.