Key Things You Should Look for to Ensure You Have a Professional and Positive Landscaping Experience

  • Hire only a licensed contractor. Licensing assures you that the contractor is operating legally. Also be sure that the company carries worker’s compensation and liability insurance.
  • Consider a landscape company that is certified or accredited. Companies that have staff who are Landscape Industry Certified (link to LICs) or ecoPRO Certified Landscape Professionals (link to EPCs) have proven experience, skills, and knowledge. It only makes sense to select a professional with training, real-world experience, and in-depth knowledge of your area of need.
  • Seek companies that are members of a national, state, or local industry association. Whether it’s their commitment to best practices, continuing education, or safety, membership in any professional trade association signifies a company believes in high standards and are committed to the Landscape Industry.
  • Meet with prospective firms and ask to be provided with a reference list to check, as well as examples of completed projects. A company’s track record can be confirmed through photos, letters of appreciation, award recognition, etc. Visiting a job in progress is also recommended – enabling you to examine the quality of the job and view the company’s level of professionalism.
  • Obtain a written plan and/or contract. Prior to making any agreement, have the landscape contractor, designer, and/or architect provide you with details of the job in writing. Details can include the design, plant material to be used, all costs, a schedule, and the terms of payment. When comparing plans, be sure all are based on comparable items: Plants, soil, mulch, edging, etc. Make sure you understand any contract before signing and do not make down payments prior to signing. Your landscape is too important to entrust to anyone but a professional WALP Member!