Scholarship Opportunities

Apply for a WALP Educational Foundation and/or Rick Pankow Memorial Trust Scholarship

The WALP Educational Foundation (WEF) is pleased to announce that the application window for scholarship opportunities is now open. With the Scholarship Review Committee giving careful consideration to the financial needs of applicants, as well as academic achievement, all students interested in a career in the Landscape Industry are encouraged to apply. The scholarship funds can be applied to books and tuition. The deadline to apply is December 29, 2023.

Please review the information below to prepare you for the items that are required to complete your online Scholarship Application:

  1. Contact Information: Name, address, phone, email address
  2. Single document for upload including:
    1. In 500 words or less, please explain your educational and career goals.
    2. In 500 words or less, please describe your community activities, school activities, and volunteer involvement.
  3. Honors and leadership positions.
  4. Four most recent employment experiences. Include position, employer, # hours/week, and dates.
  5. Education Background: High school/Graduation Date, College/School of Choice, Intended Program of Study, most recent college attendance.
  6. Single document for upload including:
    1. Explanation of why you should be considered for a scholarship.
    2. Please provide a letter of recommendation from your key instructor, program director, or counselor.
  7. Single document for upload including:
    1. Letter of recommendation
  8. Single document for upload including:
    1. Proof of enrollment or semester/quarter scholarship applying for.

The deadline for applications is December 29, 2023. 
Please email your completed application to [email protected].