Marketing Opportunities

WALP Marketing Opportunities

The Washington Association of Landscape Professionals (WALP) offers your company first-tier access to decision-makers in the Landscaping Industry. WALP reaches more than 1,500 landscape professionals and supporters with our print magazine, the Northwest Landscape Professional (NWLP) and online newsletter, WALP Wednesday. WALP also reaches out to Industry professionals and the general public with our innovative website. Gain access to this customer base for your business to business marketing needs and start promoting your company’s products and services with WALP today.

WALP Marketing Opportunities Include:

  • Print Advertising
  • Digital Advertising
  • Conference & Tradeshow Advertising

Looking for additional information? Review our Frequently Asked Questions Section. 

Print Advertising Opportunities

Northwest Landscape Professional Magazine

The Northwest Landscape Professional (NWLP) is the official magazine of the Washington Association of Landscape Professionals. Published bi-monthly for the members of WALP, this publication provides Washington’s Landscape Industry professionals with resources and information on business trends and solutions. Articles cover such subjects as landscaping techniques, marketing, accounting, recruitment and employment opportunities, and other issues unique to the Landscaping Industry. WALP’s programs and services, as well as member profiles and new products, are also featured.

NWLP is circulated to about 1,500 landscaping professionals, including licensed landscape contractors, architects, students, and business affiliates, as well as landscape suppliers.

NWLP offers a variety of display advertising opportunities ranging in size from 1/6 page to a full-page ad space, including exclusive advertisement opportunities on the front, back, and inside covers.

 Download the PDF file to view ad rates and choose which one works best for your needs and goals.

Digital Advertising Opportunities

WALP Website

The WALP website is an online resource for Landscape Industry professionals and the general public to gain insight into the industry. The website provides the public with tips for hiring a landscape professional as well as a directory of our members. The website also provides professionals with information about training opportunities, legislation, member benefits, and more.

The WALP website is the perfect place to promote your products and services to Landscape Industry professionals and the general public on any device, anytime, anywhere.  Your ad will be placed on the home page of the WALP website. It includes a link back to your organization’s website – helping to drive relevant traffic straight to your webpage of choice.

WALP Wednesday Enewsletter

Now more than ever, professionals consume information on the go! WALP’s official online publication, WALP Wednesday, allows readers to stay informed about timely topics and association news–whether they are in the field or in the office. Enjoy the benefits of a targeted enewsletter:

  • Delivers your message directly to the inbox of Washington Landscape Industry decision-makers on a weekly basis
  • In addition to WALP members, opt-in subscription means that professionals in the market for your products and services see your message
  • Ads can be cross-promoted on the WALP website and in WALP’s print magazine
  • Direct visitors to your landing page to facilitate the purchasing process
  • Limited ad space makes each position exclusive
  • Change artwork monthly at no additional cost to promote time-sensitive events or messages

Download the Digital Media Kit PDF file to see ad rates and choose which one works best for your needs and goals. 

Conference & Tradeshow Sponsorship

Are you looking for more ways to promote your company to Landscape Industry professionals? WALP offers several tradeshow opportunities for suppliers to promote their products and services. In addition to these tradeshow options, there are several sponsorship opportunities for organizations to increase their exposure.

WALP’s Annual Field Day

  • This event is traditionally hosted in July.
  • Build new relationships at this special hands-on event which provides professionals in the Landscaping Industry the opportunity to not only see new products in person like at a regular tradeshow but to actually operate many of the items being displayed. 

WALP’s Annual Golf Tournament

  • This event is traditionally hosted in August.
  • Gain more exposure for your business while enjoying a day on the green. There are many sponsorship opportunities available for you to choose from including special packages, activity sponsorships, and product sponsorships.

WALP’s Annual Conference

  • This event is traditionally hosted in January.
  • Sponsorships for conference open later in the year near September and November.

For more information on these promotional opportunities, please email the WALP office or give us a call at (360) 350-4464. 

Review the Frequently Questions Before You Proceed

Please review the following information before proceeding with the advertisement application.

Q: Can I upload my advertisement artwork now?
A: Yes. If prepared, you may upload your artwork along with your application. Review the artwork requirements prior to upload. Name files clearly, indicating your: company name, ad size, and month(s).

i.e. CompanyName_FullPage_November

Please note: WALP is not able to alter artwork on behalf of advertisers.

Q: My artwork is not ready to upload right now. How can I submit my final artwork?
A: If you do not upload your final artwork along with this application, you may email it to the WALP office. Final artwork must be received in advance of the given deadline.

Q: What is the deadline for inclusion?
A: The deadline for inclusion for both print and digital advertisements is the 10th of each month prior to publication. Final artwork must be received by the deadline for inclusion.

  • The Spring 2021 issue deadline will be March 10th for an April release.
  • The Summer 2021 issue deadline will be June 10th for a July release.
  • The Fall 2021 issue deadline will be September 10th for a October release.
  • The Winter 2022 issue deadline will be December 10th for a January release.

Q: What are the artwork requirements for print and digital advertisements?
A: Please review the artwork requirements here.

Q: I made an ad selection and the instructions say “Please choose from the available months listed below” but there are no/not enough available months.
A: Certain ad opportunities are exclusive or limited. If you have selected to purchase an ad or ads, but there are no/not enough available months, please update your selection or choose another option as those months have already been purchased and are no longer available. The number of ads you wish to purchase should match the number of months you select for the ad to run.

i.e. If you select that you would like an ad to run for three months, you must also choose the three months in which the ad should run.

Q: Are you able to accommodate custom packages?
A: Yes. Please contact WALP Ad Sales for information on creating a custom advertising package.

Q: What are the terms and conditions?
A: Please take a moment to review WALP’s Advertising Terms and Conditions