About Us

The Washington Association of Landscape Professionals was founded in 1983 by a group of landscape professionals who wanted to define professionalism, develop educational programs, and evoke legislative representation on the issues pertinent to the Landscape Industry.

The Washington Association of Landscape Professionals (WALP) is a non-profit organization of landscape professionals dedicated to providing opportunities that promote professionalism, integrity, and education within the Landscape Industry through the members it serves.

Mission Statement

To promote professionalism, integrity, and education within the Landscape Industry through the members we serve.

Vision Statement

  1. WALP is a publicly recognized and unified industry of landscape professionals who embody business and technical excellence.
  2. WALP provides and promotes the opportunity to education, mentor, certify, and support its members.
  3. WALP’s members receive value and benefit by sharing knowledge, resources, and experience.
  4. WALP is the networking place and referral resource for “Landscape Industry” professionals.

WALP Core Values

WALP will create a sense of belonging, inclusiveness, and common purpose within its membership.

WALP will conduct its affairs with transparency, honesty, and high ethical standards to develop a culture of trust.

WALP staff and leadership will respond quickly and accurately to requests from members and the public and will deliver on its promises.

Members who participate in WALP events and as part of its volunteer organizational structure will find the experience enjoyable, productive, and rewarding.

WALP will strive to build strong and lasting professional relationships among its members.

WALP will create systems to assure the free flow of information between its members and strive to inform the public about the value of the Green Industry to society.