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  1. Network to Increase Your Net Worth. Every contact you make is a potential asset to you and your business. Through WALP’s local events and activities, including the Annual Conference and Tradeshow, and the WALP Online Membership Directory, you are able to make valuable career connections and be presented with outstanding opportunities to network with other Landscape Industry contemporaries from throughout Washington State.  Whether you’re looking for peer support or product information, WALP is here to help.

  2. Keep in Touch with Industry Opportunities, Trends, & Developments.Every other month you will receive in the mail, as well as be able to access online, WALP’s Northwest Landscape Professional that keeps you abreast of the latest Association news and the Landscape Industry. 

  3. Increase Your Market Value with High-Impact, Exceptional Training. No matter how busy you are, you and your staff need to take time out to invest in your professional advantage. As Industry members, we need to be trained, knowledgeable, and competent. WALP’s educational seminars and Landscape Industry Certified Programs {formerly known as the Certified Landscape Technician [CLT] and Certified Landscape Professional [CLP] Programs}, provide the necessary education and training. The newest program in our Certification lineup is the ecoPRO Sustainable Landscape Professional Certification Program, which integrates the many aspects of sustainability into your daily business. Certification also enables you to upgrade the status and professionalism of your business through these incredible programs. Take advantage of them!

  4. Be Represented.WALP plays an instrumental role in shaping public policy and representing the Landscape Industry’s interests. WALP monitors issues crucial to the wellbeing of the Industry. Adverse legislation and regulation has been modified and/or prevented as a result of WALP’s work.

  5. Build Consumer Awareness of and Confidence in Your Business.Belonging to a professional trade association provides greater consumer confidence. WALP’s Environmental Landscape Award Program showcases the talent and skill of WALP members and is a wonderful tool for marketing and public relations. You can also reinforce the buying decision by displaying the WALP membership decal for your window, the membership certificate on your wall, and using the WALP logo on your business cards and advertising materials.

  6. Your WALP Membership Pays Dividends Day After Day. As a WALP member, you receive access to and are able to enjoy discounts on a variety of services. By joining with other WALP members, you can help your bottom line! We have partnered with the Supervised Fuels Co-Op to take advantage of volume pricing discounts. Other discounts offered include:  Medical insurance through WALP insurance provider members, workman’s comp provided through the Washington Farm Bureau’s Retro/Safety Program, Transworld Systems collection services, and NALP publications. We also offer complimentary legal consultation through the law firm of Durkee & Hennessey and competitive commercial printing and promotional products through PROforma.

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